Wood Carved Loons   
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Blue Ribbon Winner     NOT FOR SALE
Sitting  Wood carved  Loon  For sale
Wall plaques with hand  carved wooden loons       For sale $110.  and up.
 Sitting  wood carved loon  and a hand carved wooden loon out of a wooden golf club
These beautiful Common Loon have detailed feathering.   The loon has a very destinct call. It is a haunting  call. You would remember the call should you have ever have had the pleasure of hearing their call.
These  wood carvings for sale  show the feathering and coloring of the loon.  We invite you to view  all of our wood carvings for sale, the wood duck, roadrunner, mallard, snowy owl, wood carved eagle for sale and many other beautiful wood carvings make  perfect  gifts for any occassion.   Soon to have a page of our wood crosses.
Sitting loon mouth open   $800.
Large loon mouth closed   $800. detailed feathering
Golf Club loon $95.
Shipping and insurance not included in price